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Tara  Reid
C7 Science, Makerspace, PLT Art, Varsity Girls Soccer
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Classroom News 

Hello everyone!

We are off and running now in all classes. Please find your child’s class below for an update on what is going on.

Also, the Alabama School of Fine Arts will be hosting an informational meeting in Montgomery at the Armory Learning Arts Center on September 9th.


Our first project has been assigned! My Body Book. The purpose of this assignment is for the learner to use a book of their creation to thoroughly explain how the human body systems work together to support life. There is a rubric in Summit that shows them how each portion and Checkpoint will be graded. I will be giving feedback all along the way to help guide them. This is one of three projects they will have in science and is a large part of their grade. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! I have seen some wonderful diagrams and  heard some very creative ideas.This is a good time to make sure you have colored pencils and markers with you!

We continue to assess in Math and Reading in Iready.

PFA assessments are ongoing. Depending on the learner, they may be on Growth and Organisms, Adaptations, or still working on Structure of Life.

Mentor Class:

Please make sure your child has his/her white binder for the data binder. Several have not brought one in.

Please return any and all Impact Surveys and Handbook Acknowledgment forms.

The 7th grade student of the month was in our mentor class this month! Congratulations to Jackson Rogers! Well done, sir!

I am so proud of all of my mentor class. You all are the best! :)


We have had some VERY interesting and innovative egg designs! Our first two were a huge success. Both made it through being dropped off the fire escape! Send an egg  or two in with your child when you are ready for him/her to give theirs a try!

I will post pictures on our Instagram page “c7science” when more have been dropped.

Congratulations to Landon and Cason for winning our class airplane distance contest.

Congratulations to the teams that also placed in the top 3 when we took on Fendley’s Finest! I was so impressed with you all. Well done, makers!!

We are considering designing and entering a scarecrow in the Sweetcreek Farm Market contest. We will see what comes of our brainstorming and interest level.

If you are feeling inclined to donate, our makers would benefit from additional scissors, duct tape, and markers! J


We have already done some very cool pieces this year. Most have finished their summer mosaics. Gorgeous! We did doodle art, where I draw a squiggly line and the artist has to make something out of it. We have begun to brainstorm mural ideas, and are also doing a portrait study. You have some truly gifted artists!!

If you feel inclined to donate, the artists would benefit from more markers and colored pencils.

Thanks so much to you all! Enjoy your Sunday and I'll see you soon!

Ms. Reid