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Principal's Corner

Dear Parents,

Image for Dear Parents,

We are excited to welcome you to our foundational year at Pike Road Middle School!  Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that everyone experiences success and feels they are part of a supportive network of leaders and learners.

At PRMS we strive to provide your child with a world class educational experience.  Therefore, we pledge to our families that we will provide an organized, nurturing environment that promotes authentic learning while helping children grow socially and emotionally.  For our students to experience maximum success we request collaborative efforts between parents, community, and the school. Our desire is to build relationships by providing open, positive communication between home and school. Therefore, it is imperative that we have your support for our students to be fully successful.  

Parental support of the school will be the key to your child’s success here at PRMS.  Accordingly, you will be invited to multiple events throughout the year. We encourage you to reach out to teachers and administrative staff with any concerns or recommendations.  We can only grow and become better if we all feel that we are part of a team working together for the greater good of our children.  Teachers are best reached through their PRMS email.  I am also most accessible through email at

Our mission at PRMS is to “Prepare today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders”.  We can only do this with your commitment and support.  Through collective efforts your child is sure to accomplish great things.




Vicki W. Davis
PRMS Principal