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Historically, 99 percent of Summit Schools' graduates are accepted into at least one four-year college and complete college at double the national average.  US News & World Report has consistently ranked Summit Schools among the top public schools in the nation. In addition, Summit Schools have been recognized by Washington Post's America's Most Challenging High Schools List, ranked amongst the top 10 most transformative schools in the nation by Newsweek and been featured in the 2010 documentary Waiting for Superman.

Summit Learning is the foundation of Summit Public Schools' 15 years of success and is based on collaborations with nationally acclaimed learning scientists, researchers and academics from institutions including the Harvard Center for Education Policy Research, the Buck Institute of Education and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, among others.

Summit's research-backed approach leads to better student outcomes. Summit students are also able to articulate what they are learning, why they are learning and how they learn best. They can advocate for themselves, know their passions and interests and have a long-term goal and plan rooted in these passions and interests.

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