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Week of Feb 4th - 8th

Johnson, Longnecker, & Young Newsletter




  • Please make sure your child has earbuds to bring to school!

  • February 14: Progress Reports go home

  • February 14: Valentines Day (See Below for more information)

  • Scholastic Book Orders are due online by February 15th, if you would like to order.

  • February 18: No School for Learners!

Social Studies: We will be continuing our study on the United States Constitution this week!

Learners will be focusing on learning the Four Compromises of the Constitution, discussing the three branches of government and their various duties and powers.


Science: We will be beginning our unit on Matter! This week learners will review the states of matter, and conduct experiments to prove that matter is made up of particles too small to be seen.


Math: The math fractions project is a work in progress. Students came home with a recipe Wednesday to use in order to proceed with the project.  Each day they are working on enlarging and decreasing the recipe to complete the project. This will be done in class for the most part. The only part you do at home is make a batch of your recipe (or one like it) to share a small sample with the 28 classmates in your class. It is not a requirement to bring a sample of their recipe in to share - just a way to make this skill “come to life” for them if they choose.  After we complete the math work and prepare the presentation in class, we will share our recipes along with our sample. I will keep you updated on our progress but I am shooting for Wednesday February 13th for the samples to come in. Students that choose to present a poster will need a piece of poster board by Tuesday at the latest. The link to the requirements are found in Google Classroom. Please email me with any questions.  


ELA:In ELA this week we will continue to work on our speech project and review figurative language. Each learner has chosen a bill from the Alabama Legislature and will give a speech to try and persuade their peers to either vote  “aye” or “no” for the bill. Each learner must develop an opinion on their chosen bill, conduct research to find evidence to support their opinion, use figurative language to write a strong speech, and then present their speech to the “senate” in class. Learners will have a chance to write, revise, and practice giving their speeches. We will give speeches on February, 22nd. If your child is out of town that day we will have a make up day. For more information on this project you may go to your child’s Google Classroom and look at the project overview. ELA will have homework for this week.




                Account Login: PKCSD

                Username: firstlastname (lowercase)

                Password: prms (lowercase)




*Click the link below to check out a great resource for those who would rather hold a book in their hand! It is geared towards middle school ELA standards and is very user friendly!


Valentines Day Information: We will not be having a party for Valentines Day this year. Learner will be able to bring Valentines Day cards for each member of their homeroom class for a card exchange. LEARNERS DO NOT NEED TO BRING THEIR OWN CARD HOLDER. Each homeroom Lead Learner will provide a bag for this purpose. Lead Learners will also provide a special snack for their homeroom on Valentines Day. Please follow this link for a roster if your child would like to write the names on the cards. This list has been updated! Learners must bring a card for every child in their homeroom.

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