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Weatherford, Mason and Tillis Team Newsletter

Week of April 1-5



We will begin standard 5 MD 2: Make a line plot to display data in fractions of a unit.  We will have homework each night to help with this skill. On Thursday learners will begin collecting data for the PInky Project. They will measure everyone’s pinky to the nearest ¼ inch in order to display sizes on a line plot that they create on Friday for the assessment grade.  (30% grade) Don’t forget that is a great place to get reteaching and practice on standards. Learners are challenged to earn 14 trophies in Edmentum by April 1. Good Luck! The website is The account name is PKCSD. The username is firstlastname with no spaces and no caps. The password is prms.  


Mason Social Studies/ Science:

Social Studies: Westward Expansion is off to a great start! Learners have gained knowledge of how Americans moved further west and the problems they encountered along the way.  We also explored Lewis and Clark’s expedition. If your learner came home saying they texted during class they are not lying! We watched a video of Lewis and Clark and used the “Table Top Texting” strategy to maximize engagement.  Learners would watch 5 minutes of the video, and then I would hit the pause button. Learners would write in a text bubble a question they had or something they found interesting about the video so far. Then they would “send” their table top text to their elbow partner.  Elbow partners would reply in another text bubble with thoughts or an answer to their question and send it back! We had so much fun with this activity and learned more details about the Lewis and Clark expedition. We will continue on Westward Expansion this week. Learners will be making their own crossword puzzles for a peer to complete using vocabulary words for this unit!


Science: Gravity is going very well! Learners seem to have a good deal of background knowledge on this subject, which has made it more of a review than anything.  We did take a field trip to space on Friday….luckily we made it back before it was time to switch classes (haha.) Our “field trip” was actually a virtual tour of the International Space Station.  We were able to see how life is without gravity, and we concluded that it is very different. Ask your learner about how life would be without a gravitational force pulling us towards the center of the Earth for more detail! Learners took a quiz on gravity on Friday and those grades will be posted in Chalkable/INOW Monday.  Gravity will continue this week as well as the introduction to our Parachute Project.


We have completed our “People Who Care Project” project. Final grades have been posted in google classroom. As mentioned at the start of the project, there are no reassessments on projects.

Next week, learners will be introduced to literacy circles as we continue to read our in-class novel. A literacy circle is a novel discussion group in which each member has a specific job they must complete in order to contribute to their novel discussion group. The jobs are: discussion director, literary luminary, word wizard, illustrator, and connector. Students will learn about these roles next week. We will also be creating our “Garden Wall of Success” to fill out our wall on the outside of the classroom. This garden will highlight learner-driven goals, learner-written quotes, positive acronyms of their names, etc. Each of the ideas will be its own fruit in our garden.  See below for an example of what the design will look like. If you would like to purchase some art items for our wall, please send me a Remind message of what you are going to buy. I am going to purchase some supplies over the weekend! Thanks in advance for your donations! Some needed items:

  • Light blue wrapping paper (for the background)

  • Green Easter grass (what you stuff Easter baskets with)

  • Brown roll of wrapping paper (can be purchased at dollar tree in the mail section)

  • Bug/insect/bird stickers

  • Construction paper



Continue to use the weekly planner as a way to conversate with your child about what’s going on in the classroom. Learners are creating their own planners from now own as a way to grow in maturity, time management and responsibility.   

Google is a great way to find resources for any skill that you would like your child to practice. Just type the skill name in the search engine and watch all the goodies come up!  

Remind APP: Please sign up for remind messages by texting @tillis2 to 81010 for information regarding ELA class.  


Johnson, Longnecker, & Young Newsletter 


  • Please make sure your child has earbuds to bring to school!

  • The first PRMS yearbook is available for Pre-order! Follow this link to order. They are $35. April 1st is the last day to order at this price!

  • April 2 & 3: School Picture Days

  • April 16: C5 Parent Picnic

  • April 18: Progress Reports Go Home

  • April 19: Weather Day: No School

  • April 22-26: State Scantron Testing

  • April 30-May 3: Book Fair

  • May 2: Biscuits Field Trip

  • May 15: Butter and Egg Field Trip

    • More information to come.


Social Studies 

Next week, we will assess on how the Lewis and Clark Expedition impacted Westward Expansion. This assessment will most likely take place on Tuesday. We will also be studying the War of 1812. There will be vocabulary homework this week. These words will correlate to Westward Expansion in general. There will be a Vocabulary Quiz on Friday on these words. Please study at home with your learner.



I am so excited to begin our gravity project this week. In this upcoming project, learners will be able to choose from a variety of items to create a parachute to protect an “action man” (think army man or lego man size) from falling from a given height.  If you would like to donate supplies to help with this project please see the list below. Learners will work in groups of 2 or 3 on this project.


List of items needed for upcoming gravity project:

  • Tissue paper (like what is used for wrapping presents)

  • Brown paper bags

  • String

  • Newspapers

  • Coffee filters

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Dental floss

  • Yarn

  • Paper plates (please no styrofoam)

  • Paper bowls (please no styrofoam)

Please see Mrs. Johnson’s page on the website for an updated calendar, and other important information.



This week we will be working on line plots. In this unit, students will be creating and interpreting these graphs. Helpful line plot videos will be posted on google classroom this week as well. Don’t  forget that is a great place to get reteaching and practice on standards!


*Click the link below to check out a great resource for those who would rather hold a book in their hand! It is geared towards middle school Math standards and is very user friendly!

Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook



This week we will continue to edit and revise our final March Madness Essay. Final essays will be due on April 5th. Learners will take the four opinion essays they have written in this unit and create an essay portfolio to take home! We will be reviewing comma rules this week, and will have a quiz on Wednesday.

Book clubs continue this week! Please talk to your child about the book they chose to read, encourage them to stay on top of their group’s assigned reading each week, and be looking on Google Classroom for your child’s summary submission each Friday!!

ELA will have Spiral Review this week.



                Account Login: PKCSD

                Username: firstlastname (lowercase)

                Password: prms (lowercase)



*Click the link below to check out a great resource for those who would rather hold a book in their hand! It is geared towards middle school ELA standards and is very user friendly!

Everything You Need to Ace English Language Arts in One Big Fat Notebook


Here are the links for middle school Social Studies and Science as well! These are great!

Everything You Need to Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook

Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook

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