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PRMS Ambassadors

Think. Innovate.Create.

What is a PRMS Ambasssador?

PRMS currently has ambassadors who represent our school during various events and activities throughout the school year. Within the PRMS ambassadors there will be several officer positions that will provide leadership within the group. Being an ambassador is an honor and a privilege and is only for those who are willing to put forth the time and hard work necessary to be successful.

The Application Process

In the fall of 2018 PRMS conducted interviews for its first ever class of PRMS Ambassadors. Selection of ambassadors involved an extensive process, including completion of application, teacher review, and interview. A selected committee made up of PRMS staff selected the highest qualifying applicants for the interview process, and chose the final group of ambassadors as well. Only the highest scoring applicants were asked back for an interview.



2018-2019 PRMS Ambassadors

Morgan Dozier, Noah Foley, Mary Hayden Hargrove, Rickey Harris, Zahrah Henry, Caleb Hussey, Mason Hussey, Abigail Jackson, Elasia Miller, Andres Moreno, Kylee Myers, Camille Myhand, Maggie Pelton, Kaitlyn Piggott, Bella Posey, & Benjamin Steed